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The Fundamentals of Kiteboarding by Mark Worth

Full access to the Gorge Kiteboard Online School is only available to students at this time. When you sign up the access code will be provided in your confirmation email. If you are a past student and need a new access code, please email mark to get one.

If you are not a student you are welcome to access some parts of the information. The chapters that are accessible only to students are marked with an asterisk.*


Kite Concepts

Generating Lift *

Stalling the Wing *

Adjusting the Power and Turning *

Trainer Kite

Flying the Trainer



Navigational Rules

Self Rescue

Working With The Kite

4-line Inflated Kite Setup

Body Mechanics *


Relaunching *

Moving through the Water

Apparent Wind *


Bodysurfing Upwind

The Power Stroke *

Kite Transition *

The Lift Stroke *

Working With Your Board

Retrieving Your Board

Getting Your Feet into the Footstraps *

Waterstarting *


Setting Your Edge *

Falling Leaf Transition *

Flying With One Hand *

Kiteboarding Upwind *

Kiteboarding Downwind *

Jumping *


Kite Inverts or Rolls Though The Lines

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