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Mark Worth

15 years of teaching
kiteboarding safely
Gorge Kiteboard School April 15, 2014 - October 31, 2014 Hood River, Oregon
Your lesson with Mark Worth, one of the most experienced kiteboarding instructors in the North West and owner of Gorge Kiteboard School will be tailored to your experience and skill level. We will utilize relevant skills that you might already have (sailing, surfing, flying, skiing, snowboarding, wake boarding,....) as well as any kite flying or kiteboarding experience. We will work toward your goals at your pace. Your lesson can be integrated into a multi-day lesson plan covering many skills or it can be just three hours focused on a small group of skills.

The Online Reservation System will allow you to quickly check for openings and reserve the lesson times and dates of your kiteboard lessons in Hood River. (Space is limited, so please plan ahead if possible.)
Each lesson will start with a classroom session designed to help you understand the concepts, define a vocabulary and cover relevant safety topics. We will break down critical kiteboarding skills into parts and you will learn about the specific exercises you will be working on in the water.

The second part of the lesson is private in-water instruction. Beginners start in waist deep water and learn to fly the kite as they bodysurf across the water. Students will work with the board as soon as kite control skills and bodysurfing skills are solid.

The Fundamentals of Kiteboarding by Mark Worth is an exclusive Online reference tool for Gorge Kiteboard School students with 27 chapters of information, images and video. The Online school allows Gorge Kiteboard School students to prepare for lessons and continue learning long after the lesson is over.

With 15 years of experience teaching kiteboarding in Hood River, I can build your lesson for you, focusing on the skills and techniques you need to achieve your goals. I use a unique curriculum created exclusively for The Gorge that is tailored to each student and the wind/water conditions encountered here. This curriculum is designed to minimize risk and teach a control based approach to kiteboarding.

You will learn complicated actions in small controlled steps using exercises that divide the skills into individual elements. Before riding the board you will learn to control the power of the kite as you bodysurf. This careful approach to learning to kiteboard allows you to stay in control throughout the lesson process. The additional investment in learning to move through the water without a board and developing higher kite control skill levels delays your first ride on the board but accelerates your progression to intermediate levels and significantly reduces risk over the long term.

Students who have not kiteboarded before generally need from three to six lessons to reach a skill level where they are ready to safely kiteboard in demanding locations.
Kiteboarders who have had some experience but have not waterstarted or stayed on the board or cannot generate a smooth controlled pull from the kite will generally need a lesson focused on kite control before a second lesson working with the board. (Once the kite is pulling smoothly riding is easy.)
Intermediate lessons are also offered focused on safety and self-rescue, launching and landing, riding up wind, kiting efficiently, and dealing with gusty wind conditions.
Introduction to The Gorge lessons teach techniques to utilize river currents, wind shifts, and wind gusts to enhance the fun and reduce the risks of kiteboarding the mighty Columbia River.
Advanced lessons can focus on jumping skills, directional board skills, high wind skills, big swell skills or any skills that need work.
Personal coaching for intermediate and advanced Kiteboarders includes kiteboard together with radio instruction, and emergency support when needed.
A complete listing of the skills taught can be seen at: Lessons
3-Hour Private Kiteboarding Lessons $315 *
Combo Lesson $570 total ($285 per student) *
3-hour Buddy Lessons (advanced students only) $540 total ($270 per student) *
Family or Team Kiteboarding Days 9:00 am - 7:00 pm $1,055 total *

More information at : Rates
* Lesson will be pro-rated if the lesson is shortened due to weather conditions. A 10% discount is available on request for active military, fire fighters, emergency medical personal, and school teachers.
You can sign up for your lesson times at: Online Reservations

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